Thursday, June 16, 2011

star stuff

I'm a bad blogger today... no star stuff post scheduled :( I really just fell down on the job this week entirely, frantically putting posts up right before (or in this case after) the times I usually post them (9am and 6pm) instead of planning ahead. I've just been so doggone tired, I can't motivate myself to do anything until the last minute when it just NEEDS to get done pronto! I think my super-lazy-tired week is also evident in the gigantic mess peeking out from behind the shirt in the photo...

Today I went out shopping with my brother and despite my best intentions to keep my bank balance the same when I left the house as when I came home, I did end up buying a few things-- this shirt included. How could I pass it up?! Plus it was the only one left on the shelf, and it fit me! The universe wanted me to buy it, what can I say? :)

I did do a real post this morning (not a filler "sorry I didn't post" kind of post.. lol) which is here. :)