Wednesday, June 1, 2011

If I can make it there

dress - modcloth
flip flops - old navy
bag - h&m
hair bow - f21

As you can probably tell from that big blue ribbon on the painting I'm holding (there's a better photo of it if you scroll down) ... my art show this weekend went pretty darn well!! I've been doing this particular show -- the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit -- since 2007, and I never in a million years thought I'd ever win first place for one of my paintings!! They have exceptionally talented people participating who submit the most intricate, mind bogglingly amazing paintings to be juried... I honestly thought they must have made some kind of mistake when they chose mine!

These photos are from the third (and last) day of the show. I made the mistake of wearing sleeveless dresses with no sunscreen on days 1 and 2, and definitely paid the price. My back and shoulders hurt if a piece of hair lightly brushes against them :p So on day 3 I went with a strapless halter dress and got even more sunburn, just to avoid any fabric touching my already roasted skin! eek!

Except for the sunburn and extreme heat, I had a really nice weekend! My mom had to stay home because she didn't feel good, but my dad, my brother and I really enjoyed ourselves. And I actually did well enough money-wise to start buying my furniture and home necessities (like these utensils!) for my move to Canada!!

Tomorrow & Friday I'll post more pictures from Days 1 and 2! And here's my 1st place painting!! :)