Thursday, June 30, 2011

star stuff

This article on Science Daily is pretty amazing. Apparently when black holes are sucking in gas, the gas heats up SO hot that it creates an x-ray show of lights! They have a video with an amazing animation in the article, but it wasn't embeddable so you have to click through to see it. Frankly, black holes freak me out a bit. I read somewhere that if a human being was being sucked into a black hole, you'd die from your body being stretched in all directions... not very pleasant! When I was younger I used to fancy that black holes were actually portholes into other dimensions. I doubt that's true, but even if it was... if you get pulled into 100 different pieces going through the front door, I doubt you'd get to see whatever mysteries await you on the other side! (Is it obvious yet that most of my knowledge about science is mixed with science fiction? lol)

On a much lighter, and more silly note, I adore this video from NPR about ants and their internal pedometers. Yup, internal pedometers. It's pretty neat stuff: