Wednesday, June 15, 2011

un, deux, trois

remixed item: ebullient and flow dress from modcloth
outfit 1: cardigan - f21 // belt - old navy // shoes - vintage
outfit 2: cardigan - old navy // shoes - blowfish // necklace - handmade
outfit 3: cardigan - gee's closet // belt - ross // shoes - c/o blowfish

I can't believe I haven't worn this dress for posh frock friday yet.. it's really quite dressy, with its sheer overlay at the neckline and the champagne-like bubbly print! But I really like how it looks in casual ensembles, so I keep dressing it down. I like that it adds a little bit of fun to my usual cardigan-belt-dress routine and the neutral color means it works great with pretty much every cardigan and belt that I own, haha! :)

I got a comment yesterday asking me to link to the exact items I'm wearing in my outfits instead of the store. I'm going to try hard to do that on future outfit posts. I haven't in the past because, well, I'm lazy, and also because a lot of the things I own aren't even listed on the sites I bought them from anymore. But if something is still available I'll try to link it up from now on! In the meantime, I made this little page of my modcloth purchases. It doesn't include everything I own from them since, like I said, they delete listings that aren't for sale anymore, but it's the best I could do, and maybe it will help if you saw something on my blog that you liked but were having trouble finding.

Do you want to comment, but have no idea what to say? Trust me, I've been there! So to make things a little easier, here is a question you can answer if you can't think of anything else to say! :)

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