Friday, June 3, 2011

my kind-of-milkmaid-braid tutorial

There are a lot of milkmaid braid videos out there that are, I'm sure, much much better than this. But I thought it wouldn't hurt to add my sloppy, imperfect tutorial to the mix! ;-D

One of these days I'll be comfortable talking in a video, but for now this is set to music. It's pretty self-explanatory if you watch it, but here's what I would have said if I was talking: part your hair down the middle. Then twist (or braid, if you have long enough hair) one section at a time, pinning the braid (or twist) to your head with bobby pins. Voila! *insert my corny thumbs up here*

There's a lot of tucking and pinning down flyaways, so I sped up those sections a bit since they're kind of boring. But in real time this only took me about 5 minutes flat. A super simple and quick up-do! :)