Thursday, June 23, 2011

star stuff

I saw this gif on tumblr recently & absolutely fell in love with it. "Just right" -- the perfect description for our little planet!

I'm kind of nationalistic (planetistic?) when it comes to Earth. Sure, Neptune and Saturn are pretty cool (haha) but Earth is downright awesome! Aside from the fact that when viewed from outside our atmosphere, ours is definitely the prettiest planet --our blue, green and white marbled sphere looks so beautiful suspended against the darkness of space-- it also is home to the most intelligent life form in the known universe. Its environment fostered a species that evolved to create civilizations and invent technology. Can Mercury say that? Um, no. And the mere fact that cats call our planet home is all the proof I need that Earth is superior to that feline-free wasteland, Mars.

To be honest, I could care less if I am a Brit, an American, an Italian or a Canadian. I am an EARTHLING, dagnabbit! and proud of it! Three cheers for the blue, green and white!