Tuesday, June 21, 2011

sunshine on a cloudy day

dress - modcloth
belt - modcloth

After dinner on Father's Day we went to Princeton for dessert, and then sat around the fountain on the University campus until about 10pm. It was SUCH a nice evening! There weren't too many people at the fountain, so it was really quiet and peaceful, just listening to the water trickling and birds flying around the trees nearby.

For dessert we went to Thomas Sweet on Nassau Street. The shoppe smells SO good inside, and they have one of those wacky mirrors that makes you look really short and wide -- and it's actually from a Fun House in the 1930's! It's pretty neat to think that people have been laughing at themselves in this mirror for over 75 years! :)

ps! I did a re-design for Andi's blog! Take a peek here! :)

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What is your favorite carnival ride? Mine is the tilt-a-whirl!