Thursday, June 2, 2011

I had some brand new shoes

dress - le bomb shop
shoes - c/o blowfish
belt - old navy
bag - h&m
hair bow - forever 21

This is what I wore for Day 2 of my art show. I usually take my outfit photos using my webcam on my imac (super high tech, right?) but since I obviously didn't have that with me in New York, Kyle took my pictures instead. Somehow he always makes me feel like such a goof doing this, and I end up making the weirdest faces. I swear I don't even look human in some of them (the non-human ones were promptly deleted as soon as I saw them..)

Anyway, though! I was so excited about my outfit for Day 2 because I wore my brand new Gimmik shoes from Blowfish!! My feet were killing me after the first day when I wore my favorite Target flats, and even though my other Blowfish shoes are comfy, I really wasn't sure about wearing heels to walk around the city. But they were fantastic and SO comfortable! It was the first time I've worn heels out and about in a while (I usually end up making a last minute switch to flats every single time I attempt to wear high shoes out of the house) so it was odd feeling so tall! I'm only 5' so I'm used to seeing the world from a very short perspective. My dad & brother kept joking that they could finally see me with these on, they didn't have to stare down at the floor searching to find me ;-D

Oh, and I put together this little video to show my mom, since she missed the show this year, and I thought I'd post it here in case anyone is curious about what my shows are like! I did a time lapse for setting up my booth and going through the Lincoln tunnel, and of course there are the obligatory obnoxious-brother-punching-at-my-camera shots lol... I broke it up into two parts: the first is more subdued, to represent the first day of the show, which was really slow and unsuccessful, then the next two days which included winning the award and actually having some sales!