Tuesday, June 14, 2011

raindrops on roses

dress - h&m
shoes - modcloth
belt - modcloth
headband - gift from gee!

Isn't this headband GORGEOUS?! It's a handmade present from Gee! I knew immediately when I received it that I wanted to wear it with this dress.. they just seem like they were made for each other! My original plan was to go to the park and get some really pretty shots in the golden sunlight, with lovely floral backdrops instead of my same-old-same-old bedroom background. But since I don't have a tripod, this required the services of one very reluctant, very selfish brother... who backed out of his promise to take me there yesterday. So this isn't quite what I had in mind, but I think the first photo, shot with my pretty pink dress as a backdrop, is a nice substitute for a field of flowers. Also thanks to the little raindrop applique on the dress, it is literally "raindrops on roses" (from The Sound of Music song!)

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What is your favorite musical?