Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice - Emma Wallace

Sugar, Spice and Everything nice is my new series that spotlights exceptionally sweet bloggers! And really, who is sweeter than Miss Emma Wallace? Her kindness, zest for life and innate positivity are contagious! And if ever a person had a voice to match their personality, it's Emma. Her music is so lovely and cheerful that I guarantee one listen will put a smile on your face, and significantly brighten not only your day, but your entire life. I'm super excited that she agreed to share some of her sweetness here today!

ps. she was (predictably) too modest to choose her own music for the sweet song, so I cheated and added one of her songs at the end of her post. ;-D Have a listen and prepare to smile!

Well, since I just had a baby, I think all my photos of him are sweet! I'm completely twitterpated. But here is a photo of him in the front baby carrier my husband wears. It's DOUBLY sweet because it a. has my baby in it and b. has my wonderful husband carrying him around (which makes me fall for my husband that much more). I swear Peter would live in that carrier if he could!

I have a passion for children's books. I think I spend pretty much all fun money on out-of-print or exciting children's books. My usual favorite type is the "slice-of-life" books - that are just about the every day goings on of the characters. There are so many I adore and one of my favorite authors, Eleanor Estes, writes about the sweetest books ever. One of her books, Pinky Pye, is about a family that spends a summer vacation on a remote Northeastern island and adopt a scrappy, abandoned kitten. Parts of the story are told from the kitten's perspective and it really is the perfect and adorable summer read.

I have not one sweet tooth, but, really, ALL my teeth are sweet. It's true. So I asked my mother for one of my favorite (of many) childhood dessert recipes. It's like a candy bar AND a baked good. What could be better?

Melt 1 stick butter and pour in greased 8 x 8 inch pan. Layer 1 cup graham cracker crumbs over butter. Layer 1 cup coconut over crumbs. Layer 1 cup chocolate bits over coconut. Layer 1 cup pecans over chocolate bits. Pour 1 can sweetened condensed milk over all. DO NOT MIX. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes.

There are so many sweet songs out there! This one, though, not only has such sweet lyrics but the tune also seems so darling to me! I first heard it sung by Harry Connick, jr - his piano solo is marvelous - but I love the Sinatra version so much! The picture I chose is of the most romantic Hollywood
couple ever...

I lived briefly in Seattle mid-college and I have many (many) sweet memories of living there! My sweetest memory isn't the many-layered chocolate cakes from Dilettante Chocolates (oof, those were good), or the truffles I squirreled away and ate one by one when I was tragically low on cash (mmmm) or the gelataria and donut shop I worked at (I think I put on about 800 lbs working there. But now I can make both gelato and donuts. Totally worth it) or the pecan sticky buns from the vegan bakery (so sticky you want to cry), NO! All around Seattle, there are blackberry bushes, just growing on the side of the road. I walked everywhere in Seattle and I have such wonderful memories of snacking off the wild blackberry bushes.

Okay, maybe the many-layered chocolate cakes are up there with the blackberries.

Fred Astaire by Emma Wallace!