Monday, April 18, 2011

walking on air

dress - vintage
shoes - blowfish

First, I just want to thank everyone for the incredibly sweet comments on my post yesterday! I'm really excited, yet simultaneously terrified and I know that having you guys here for me when I make the big move will make it much easier! :)

These are by far the most comfortable heels I've ever purchased in my entire life. I couldn't believe how light they were when I put them on! It's seriously like walking on air. Even though I wear heels in most of my photos, I'm much more of a flats girl, just because of the comfort factor. I love being able to run around without being afraid I'll fall and break my nose ;) But these remind me of those giant foam platform flip flops that were popular when I was about 15, only much better looking! I can definitely see myself wearing them every day, all summer long!

Oh, I added a new little feature on my blog called the question of the day. Here's the story behind it: I visit tons of blogs every morning, probably at least 20, sometimes more, but I hardly ever leave comments. (I've written about my commenting paralysis here before) I just can never think of anything to say that doesn't sound redundant or stupid... so I thought, maybe other people have this same dilemma! Enter: Question of the Day! Each day I'll have a fun question at the bottom of my post, so if you want to leave a comment but can't think of a darned thing to say, this should help ;)

Do you want to comment, but have no idea what to say? Trust me, I've been there! So to make things a little easier, here is a question you can answer if you can't think of anything else to say! :)

Do you prefer Peeps, Chocolate or Eggs at Easter? You can also answer "all three" ;)