Friday, April 8, 2011

posh frock friday

dress - asos
tights - we love colors
shoes - charlotte russe
necklace - modcloth

I have my dresses categorized in my mind by how I feel when I wear them. Some are "sweet" dresses, for when I want to feel dainty and cute and girly. Frills, lace and peter pan collars are a must in this category. Some are "lazy" dresses, for when I just want to lounge about and not worry about what I'm wearing. They tend to have longer hemlines so I can sit Indian-style while wearing them. And some are "make believe" dresses, which imbue me with sense of playfulness that causes me to act like a ballerina or princess whilst wearing said dress. In these dresses, I'll often pirouette around the kitchen or graciously wave at my imaginary subjects as I walk down the hallway. Or make really silly poses in my posh frock friday photos ;-)

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