Saturday, April 30, 2011

belt it out

With few exceptions, I really like the classic hourglass shape for most of my wardrobe, so I tend to cinch almost everything I wear with a belt. I love wearing them, but most have this long trail of extra belt fabric with nowhere to put it! So these are just three ways that I deal with that little fashion conundrum. The first (and one I use most often) is looping it around itself so that the excess gets tucked downwards, and doesn't just flail about all over the place. It's perfect for skinny belts!

Wide belts are the hardest to deal with, since you really can't tuck them or knot them without seriously wrinkling the belt. I use decorative bobby pins (they have to be tight or else they'll just pop right off) and they work like a charm! If I'm wearing a cardigan over the top, I'll just use a normal black bobby pin since nobody can see it anyway.

If all else fails, I just make a knot out of the belt, and stick it off to the side. For really long belts (some of mine seem to have like three feet sticking off the end! What the heck!) you can even make a bow!

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