Monday, April 25, 2011

softer than down, smoother than air

dress - h&m
shoes - blowfish
headband - f21
locket - handmade by me

This is the dress I was talking about earlier this month, that reminds me of Picnic at Hanging Rock. I don't usually wear things as flowy and loose as this dress because it doesn't really flatter my shape, but when I saw it on the rack at H&M I just had to have it! It's equal parts 1970's and 1900's, so I took inspiration from those decades for my accessories, with seventies style platform heels and an Edwardian style locket. Which, by the way, has photos of Chloe and Hypatia inside. Did someone say crazy cat lady?! ;-)

Do you want to comment, but have no idea what to say? Trust me, I've been there! So to make things a little easier, here is a question you can answer if you can't think of anything else to say! :)

What would you put inside of a locket?