Thursday, April 14, 2011

ouch ouch ouch ouch!!

I don't know what it is with my hair, but it is a PAIN to brush. I mean, so painful that I usually cry every single time I brush it. I tried everything I could think of to detangle it, but nothing ever worked. "No More Tangles" was useless, as was every other after-shower detangling solution I purchased. I tried brushing it constantly to prevent knots from forming in the first place. I'd brush in the morning, afternoon, at night. Then I'd brush before my shower, during and after. Still had knots galore. Every time I've ever cut my hair in my entire lifetime, it's been because I'm sick of brushing out knots, not because I wanted a shorter do. Every time.

So, about two weeks ago I was reading a blog post by Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky, and clicked over to her 'About Me' section. In there she had a link to a haircare post she'd done that described her daily hair routine. In the post, she mentioned that she used Biolage detangling conditioner, and I decided to give a no-more-knots solution one last try. I purchased it on amazon that night, and used it for the first time this weekend.

OH MY GOSH. It's seriously the most amazing thing ever. While it usually takes me at least a half hour to brush out all my knots, after using this conditioner it took about 2 minutes. Seriously. The brush just slid through my hair like butter. I AM IN LOVE. I can't believe all these years I've been torturing myself brushing my hair, when this has been on the market the whole time. I just had to share this with you, in case anyone else has the same problem as me.

I tried tweeting Elizabeth to thank her, but I think I came off looking like a hair freak or something and I wouldn't be surprised if she blocked me or marked me as spam. lol. I was just SO excited (sometimes I think I get too excited about stupid things like this, but that's another story.) Anyway, even if I sounded like a lunatic I'm seriously so thankful I found her post because it's made my life so much better!

Disclamier: I'm just using this brush in the photos because it's pink and prettier than my black comb & black paddle brush. I only use this one for my bangs, and I know it's not ideal for actually brushing your hair :)