Saturday, February 11, 2012

shop my closet update, new flapper doodle item and new blog designs!

First of all, I finally updated my shop my closet store today! I have lots of dresses, as well as some accessories and coats. And if you're in the market for blog design or a sponsor spot you can snag those in my shop as well :)

I also added new wooden brooches to my etsy shop! I'm having one of those little "in love with my new product" moments. Would it be weird if I wore one myself? Because I really want to! They're $8 in my shop here!

I also updated my blog design store. It's much easier to navigate now and I have a whole page dedicated to examples of mine & Casey's work. You can check it out here! And I've done a bit of new design work recently so I thought I'd share some of it in this post!

Header design for The Cupcake Earthquake

Header design for HopPipOLLa

Blog overhaul design for Her Name Was Greta

Etsy banner design for Beatnik Gal Vintage (Keep an eye peeled for her shop opening! She posted some sneak peaks of the inventory on tumblr and I'm so smitten!)

Blog overhaul design for Just Add Glitter and Stir. I was so excited about this one that I sort of did the whole entire thing the same night that I got Maggi's order. I mean, a request for a bright kitschy glittery blog?! So so so so fun!!! :D My favorite part is the embroidered header text (you can see it better when you view it full-size on her blog!)

And finally, my little brother's blog! He hasn't written his first post yet, but it's going to be about food, trains, craftsmanship (like woodworking) and his personal style. When he gets the ball rolling we're going to start doing some brother/sister style posts! I'm so excited about it!! :)