Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ketchup and mustard

shirt - asos
cardigan - forever 21
skirt - c/o francesca's*
shoes - c/o blowfish

It is mandatory that whenever you wear a red and yellow outfit your post title must be "ketchup and mustard." Fact.

I'm finally feeling well enough to get dressed & wear makeup (actually I think it's like a catch-22, being dressed and wearing makeup is helping me feel more like me!) but Hypatia, unfortunately, isn't doing much better. It's been one heck of a stressful week so far. She got a lot worse over the weekend and we took her in to see the vet Monday morning. Her normal doctor wasn't there so she had to see someone else, which always makes me anxious. She has a follow-up appointment with her normal vet tomorrow, and I'll be so relieved when she can finally see him! The other doctor diagnosed her with feline herpes, which is contagious so I've had her quarantined in my room away from Chloe. Having a sick animal is just the most heartbreaking thing... I wish there were simple quick fixes, like a vicks vapor rub for cats or something, so she could have some instant relief. As per the vet's suggestion, I got her a warm air humidifier but I can't tell if it's making a difference. I can only hope she understands me when I tell her that she's going to feel better really soon :(

Sorry whenever Hypatia's ill I end up talking about it, but hopefully if you have animals (or kids) you know that when they're sick you literally just cannot think about anything else. Anyway, hopefully tomorrow they'll be able to give her a shot of some miracle medicine and she'll be back to her playful self by Friday *fingers crossed*

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