Monday, January 30, 2012

almost there

I'm on the mend but still not in 'getting dressed and putting on makeup' mode yet, so here's another pajama picture! I actually lost my balance when I was taking the photo, but somehow it ended up looking like I was standing that way on purpose, lol!

Also, this is my lazy braids hair. I do this a lot around the house -- it's pretty much milkmaid braids, except that once I get them criss-crossed on top of my head I just secure them with big pink claw clips instead of inconspicuous bobby pins. I usually do this right after I wash my hair, too... I'll just blow dry my bangs and clip the rest up in loose braids so it can air dry!

ps. Lilly suggested in the comments on my last post that I should do pajama outfit photos to go with my slumber party sunday posts (which I promise are going to be coming back really soon!) and I LOVE that idea! I'm definitely doing it! :D