Friday, January 13, 2012

omg this coat.

Remember in my wishlist wednesday post I mentioned that I bought two coats from the asos sale? This is one of them, and I'm head over heels in love with it. Like, so in love I want to hug it when I go to sleep tonight and never let go. There are so many reasons...

1. I've been looking for "the one" ever since my beloved black h&m swing coat bit the dust two years ago. It had a really thick woven texture and ended up getting pills beyond repair. This one is a flat quilted material that looks like it'll last forever.

2. The fit and flare shape!! It's my favorite silhouette of all time, and I never ever see coats like this. It's going to be perfect with my dresses that used to get all bunched up under normal straight coats.

3. I can wear belts with it! Thanks to the fitted shape, I can accessorize with belts that match my bright tights. Or just spice up an all-black ensemble with a pretty bright belt! I'm so excited about this it's ridiculous.

4. It has nice deep pockets! My favorite coat from last season didn't have pockets and it used to drive me nuts since I don't like wearing gloves.

5. The neckline. I folded it down into a button-up shirt sort of look, but it actually buttons up into a funnel neck so you don't even have to wear a scarf if it's super chilly outside! If it's a little nippy and I just have to run out real quick I can go sans gloves, sans scarf and still be a-okay in my new super fantastic coat! hooray!

6. The price. It was originally $143 --- it was (and still is) on sale for only $44! :-O

Okay, I'm done gushing now. And I know it's silly to get so excited about a coat. But I just love it so so so so much I had so share! I almost want to make some excuse to go out tonight just so I can wear it. Or maybe I'll turn the heat off and just wear it around the house. I need to wear it.

ps. In this picture you can kind of tell that my bangs are much more pink than the rest of my hair (or you couldn't tell and I just brought your attention to it myself) anyway, I'm going to let it go and fix it next time I have to touch up my roots. I sort of like the grapefruity pinkish redish orangey tone going on in the back right now lol