Thursday, January 12, 2012

perfect for the occasion

I don't know about you, but probably half of the clothing I own was purchased because it would be perfect for [insert event here.] I'm not talking about one time events like an art show opening or going on vacation, just casual occasions when wearing a certain article of clothing would be pitch perfect. For instance, when I bought this dress I knew I'd be wearing it pretty much every time my family and I went out for ice cream. It just screams "wear me when eating ice cream!!"

Here are some examples of dresses I adore and places I'd love to wear them!

1. star print midi dress ($17) would be absolutely perfect for going to the planetarium! Or add a sweater, tights and boots and it would even be great for laying on the hood of the car doing some star-gazing at home.

2. multi color block dress ($57) just screams "roller skating!" doesn't it?! I'm a pretty crappy roller skater, but I always think it looks like fun :)

1. zest is more dress ($49) reminds me so much of Belle's gown! I already started making a dress to wear to see Beauty & The Beast 3D this weekend but if I wasn't, I'd totally buy this and wear it to the movie!

2. good enough to eat dress ($69) would be ideal for a county or street fair! I have this one and let me tell you, it makes drinking a milkshake or eating a funnel cake 100x more fun!

1. paws and play dress ($59) I love wearing cat themed clothing when I do volunteer work for my local animal shelter. I wore this one to the book-wrapping fundraiser in december :)

2. painted lovely dress ($59) You could go to the art museum and stand in front of a Jackson Pollock painting in this dress and nobody would even know you were there.

1. graceful greenery dress ($129) I would love to wear this to a garden estate like Winterthur! I haven't been there in a few years, but last time I went with my family it was just so pretty and for some reason I remember it smelled heavenly! Not like flowers, just really sweet.

2. seasons to believe dress ($129) This green frock would be so pretty for St. Patrick's Day! When I was little I used to celebrate by dying *everything* with green food coloring. Eggs, milk, rice... I think this dress is much more appetizing ;D

1. blue striped dress ($99) If I went sailing I'd say this would be a fantastic sailing dress.. but since I'm a land lover, I'm going with a trip to the seashore instead ;)

2. pink floral print dress ($55) I have so much fun choosing an easter dress every year, and I definitely have my sights set on this one already, even though it's only January! The colors are just so springy and easter-egg like!