Wednesday, January 25, 2012

wishlist wednesday

I love this 1970's crewel embroidery from etsy... I almost bought something similar at a thrift store a couple months ago but when I got up to the register they only took cash, and I only had my debit card :(

1. this dress reminds me of a pretty ballet costume. I want to wear it with my old pointe shoes and twirl around the house. 2. I'm obsessed with finding the perfect plaid dress right now and if this beauty wasn't kind of pricey ($99) it would definitely fit the bill!

Shoes this platformey and awesome are almost always made out of leather (I'm looking at you, Jeffrey Campbell) so I was pretty excited to see these are vegan! I love the graphic woodgrain on the heel, too!

I desperately want this pillowcase set! It's called the "lunar than expected" set, how cute is that?!

Sunshine & Carousels is having a 30% off sale (coupon here!) I already snatched up a hot pink velvet bow headband but this one is catching my eye too!

1. Doesn't this dress look like something out of a movie?! I picture Sophia Loren wearing it with a giant black feather boa in Arabesque. 2. I check the Dorothy Perkins website religiously, and every so often there's a dress that just totally hits it out of the ballpark -- this is such a dress. I think it's going to look amazing with my hair (yup, I ordered it already!) ps. I got 15% off with the coupon INTDP15.

My dad had to go to old navy today to return some shirts he got for Christmas, and BOY am I glad that I tagged along! I think I have cat print radar or something, because I wasn't even really looking for myself, this shirt just attracted me like a moth to a flame. Oddly it was $28 in the store (not on sale) but it's $35 online?

This is another case of "intended for my wishlist but ended up in my closet" ... I bookmark things all week to put in my wishlist wednesday posts, and if I'm having a particularly retail therapy kind of week, at least some of the items are bound to end up in my shopping cart! This pretty dress was on sale for $35, so can you blame me? (When I placed my order I also picked up something for another giveaway that I'm *really* excited about!)

I'm in love with this sweatshirt but I'm pretty sure I can DIY it with a plain old sweatshirt and fabric paint. In high school I saw a photo in a magazine of Kate Moss wearing a sweatshirt with a mini skirt, and I thought it was so incredibly chic. I've been smitten with that style ever since, but I don't think I ever replicate it myself. Perhaps I finally will after I make this? :)