Tuesday, February 28, 2012

just teasing

dress - modcloth
bodysuit - boohoo
collar - romwe
tights - urban outfitters
shoes - c/o blowfish

See the hair?! I have sort of mastered the beehive! It took a lot of teasing and a lot of bobby pins, but I think I got it! :D I was trying to come up with a way to style my newly short hair in something other than a low ponytail, and this was actually pretty simple. It doesn't look fantastic in the back (lots of pink bobby pins everywhere!) but it works. I've been wearing it this way ever since I figured it out. The only thing I'm having a tiny problem with is that my natural part keeps making the beehive sort of split in half even after I've teased it, so I might need to resort to hairspray.

I actually wore this a couple days ago... today my dad and I have a meeting with a post office representative to discuss savings for small businesses, and I'm planning on wearing a dress I have with postage stamps on it!! I love wearing things that suit the occasion! My brother was making fun of me but personally I think it's totally cool ;D