Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Meet Hubble!

Hubble is home now!! So far everything has gone very smoothly. He wasn't a happy camper in the car (he was yelling and trying to paw his way out of the carrier) but once I let him out he was totally at ease! He started rolling around and purring and inspecting his new home right away. About an hour ago I plopped him in his new bed (yes, it has dog bones on it... I couldn't find any cat beds I liked lol) and he's been asleep and purring ever since. Hypatia is currently sunbathing in my window, and seems totally fine with the new addition :) Chloe doesn't get to meet him for another week or so, but based on her aloof disinterest in the strange new meow coming from my bedroom I doubt I'll have much trouble with their first encounter.