Saturday, February 18, 2012

snail mail

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I just wanted to post a little note here to say that I'm a tad bit (ok, really) behind on my emails and twitter replies this week, but I'm planning on plopping myself in front of the keyboard and getting completely caught up tomorrow. Sometimes life just takes you away from the computer for a while. So far February has really been one of the most hectic months ever and it's just been hard for me to keep up with everything. I normally try to reply to emails at least every other night, but this week especially was absolutely INSANE. Each time I attempted to get caught up I was just too overwhelmed and way too tired.

Anyway! If you're waiting on a reply from me, I should be getting back to you tomorrow (well, today, I guess, since I'm posting this after midnight) and I'm really sorry for the delay. Let's just pretend we're still living in the snail mail era and 4-6 days is a perfectly normal period to wait for a reply? ;)