Thursday, February 9, 2012

pastel fade

dress - modcloth
cardigan - old navy
shoes - from my grandmom
tights - target
wig - minty mix

I've heard so many horror stories about over-bleaching that I thought it would be a good idea to have a backup wig in case of any emergencies ;) No hair catastrophes have arisen as of yet, but I can't help myself from wearing my new wig anyway! It's so darn pretty!! It fades from a purpley-blue-ish shade to pink, and it's by far the thickest, fullest wig I've ever purchased. They have a bunch of fun colors and I'm tempted to start a mini collection!

Also, how about this (um, sort of wrinkly.. I forgot to iron it..) dress!? Modcloth has a bunch of dresses in this style -- the "Too Much Fun" dresses by Emily and Fin -- but in the product photos they always looked like the shoulders would look funny, for some reason. At least to me they did. But I took a gamble on this one since I loved the color & polka dots so much, and now it's probably one of my favorite dresses ever. The shoulders are totally normal, and the cut is just incredible! I already bought it in another print and I'm tempted to snatch up even more!