Wednesday, February 15, 2012

wishlist wednesday

Collars as necklaces. Awesome, right?! 1. Metal frill collar from topshop ($28) - like a metal version of the collar I wore in my outfit post this morning! 2. ASOS metal collar ($21.49) I think this one would look so perfect over a plain LBD!

I love love love the color of this dress and the super pretty neckline! It's $80.57 at ASOS.. I think I know what I'm buying next time a coupon lands in my inbox!

Aqua and grapefruit is my all time favorite color combination! I wish I could wear both of these dresses at once, lol! 1. Cutout back stripe dress from Topshop ($58) and 2. Yawl come back dress from Modcloth ($64.99) .. the sailboats on the second one are making me long for a day at the beach!

I already have way too many bags but this one is beckoning! It's only $14.80 at forever 21 and it's the sweetest shade of creamsicle orange!

So so tempted to get this dress! It's on sale for $53 at ASOS and it has such a sweet dainty crocheted collar! It's also available in light blue and I'm thinking I need both.

Lately I'm really drawn to shoes with multiple colors like these. I think they're so beautiful! The first pair is vegan leather from Ruche* ($64.99) and they're definitely on my get-in-my-closet-now wishlist. The second pair is totally wishing only, though, because I don't wear leather. But they were so pretty I had to include them anyway! They're $89.99 at Modcloth.

*Update: Apparently the shoes from Ruche actually have leather lining. It just wasn't listed on the item description at the time that I wrote this post :(

Is this not one of the most fantastic cat beds you've ever seen?! It's fashioned out of an old imac computer! I used to think these computers were SO cool when I was younger (mostly because they came in various colors) and I still love that midcentury shape. $129 from Atomic Attic on etsy.

Please somebody buy this mod wonder so I can live vicariously through you? It would be in my shopping cart right now if my hips were just slightly smaller. Honest to goodness, I need to find some magic potion that can either make my hip bones smaller or make the hips on vintage dresses a few inches larger. blargh! $46 from Miss Farfalla on etsy!

Ironically I found that yellow and white vintage dress by searching "go go" on etsy, and the name of this 60's inspired number on the left is the "On the Go-Go dress" ha! ($44.99 from Modcloth) And how sweet is the dress on the right? It's called the "Either orchard dress" ($49.99 from Modcloth) and I can definitely see wearing it to go apple picking in the fall! I know it's not even spring yet, but I just really, really love autumn :)

February 14th isn't the only day to wear hearts! :) I think they would look amazing with these sunglasses, too! They're $10 from Vinette on etsy!