Wednesday, February 15, 2012

dots and scallops

dress - h&m
collar - romwe
shoes - c/o blowfish
belt - from another dress

Yesterday was pretty fantastic. We picked up Hubble in the afternoon, and he has adjusted amazingly well to living here! The only hitch was when Hypatia hissed at him once, but I would too if a stranger just randomly started sniffing my face! Otherwise everything has been going more smoothly than I could have ever hoped. And he is SUCH a cutie pie! I can't handle the cuteness!

Also, yesterday I hit 4,000 sales in my etsy shop so that was really exciting too! It's surreal to think I've made and shipped that many things, that there are 4,000 flapper doodle items out in the world! That enough people actually liked my stuff enough to buy 4,000 things?! It's absolutely mind-boggling! If anyone out there reading this is one of those 4,000, thank you so much!!

And finally how fantastic is this collar?! I bought it after seeing Bianca wear it a few months ago and I think it fits perfectly with this dress! Detachable collars are seriously one of the most awesome fashion inventions ever, ever, ever.