Monday, September 26, 2011

slow motion

dress - modcloth
cardigan - old navy
tights - h&m
shoes - c/o blowfish
hair bow - hive & honey
belt - forever 21

Most of the time I love being self-employed, but when I start feeling under the weather I absolutely loathe it. I want to call in sick, but that's not really possible. So instead I'm just working in slow motion. What would normally take me one hour takes me four. What seems to prolong things the most is the constant put sweater on-take sweater off-put sweater on-take sweater off dance that goes with a fever. ugh!

On the bright side, I took outfit photos the last two weeks even on days when I wasn't blogging them (like when I did my room tour or the giveaway last week) so I have a little extra supply to keep me going the next few days that I'll inevitably be spending in sweatpants and hoodies! The sniffles definitely aren't fun, but they do come with lots of soup and tea, which is fantastic. Oh, and extra time spent cuddling with cats. It's not all bad :)

ps. Modcloth is having their end-of-summer sale starting today! I'm hoping soooo badly that some of my favorite wishlist items are marked down! I haven't bought any dresses from them in a while because I've had trouble justifying the prices, but if they're seriously reduced I don't think I'll be able to resist! And seeing the package on my doorstep is sure to make me feel better, right? ;)