Monday, September 12, 2011


dress - handmade
cardigan - forever 21
shoes - target
tights - we love colors
bag - h&m

On Saturday we went to IKEA to get some new things for my bedroom/studio. We only go about once a year and it always feels like a vacation, so I was really excited! I even made some vegetarian meatballs to bring with me so I could dip them in the swedish meatball sauce (although I'm still SO annoyed that they got rid of the old potatoes in favor of mashed.. now it just feels too much like hospital cafeteria food to me.)

I ended up getting a ton of things to help organize my room better, and then spent all night Saturday and all day Sunday assembling furniture. I can't even feel my right hand anymore after using the screwdriver so much, but it turned out amazing! It's much more functional now then it was last week, and my supplies are so well organized that I feel a lot more motivated to work!

I think I've become a bit of an expert on cramming a lot of function into a little space. My room is only 11' x 11' yet I have a queen size bed (on risers so I can use all the under-the-bed space for extra storage) and an 8' long table, along with a closet I converted into an office space. I don't think I've ever really shown photos of my room (except for the little piece in the background of my outfit pictures lol) so I think I'll do a little tour on my blog this week :-)

I might dig up some old photos to show how it's evolved too... I've been in this room since I was 6 years old! It started with a Beauty & The Beast theme, then evolved into a Frank Sinatra shrine, and then it was a dark, dimly lit Moroccan hideaway (or at least I tried to make it look that way). My favorite is definitely its current state, though. A teal and grapefruit bedroom/studio that I share with my fluffy little feline, Hypatia! :D