Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a not-so-hot mess

dress/tights - h&m
shoes/coat/belt - modcloth

Ugh! Yesterday was one of those days when your hair won't do a single thing you want it to, none of your clothes seem to lay right or fit, your shoes appear to have magically shrunk a whole size and you generally spend the whole day in a fit of discomfort. Don't you hate those days?

On the bright side, at least it was chilly enough out for me to wear tights AND a fall coat when I had to run errands!! Picking up hot tomato soup at Panera (it seems like every time I mention leaving my house I'm going to Panera to get soup... and that's kind of true) is just more fun if you're wearing a coat and braving the blustery winds to get across the parking lot!

Summer is my least favorite season, and fall is my favorite.. so this transition is always SO fun for me! I'm not just leaving the muggy, sweaty bug-laden days behind me, but entering a cozy season of hot cocoa, apples, pumpkin, sweaters and tights. I love movie nights in the fall with the windows open so the cool crisp air blows in, making me snuggle even tighter under the blanket with my cat purring beside me! Nothing beats autumn in my book.. even my allergies can't keep me from loving every second of it! ;)