Tuesday, September 27, 2011

pink pumpkin

dress - h&m
boots - alloy
belt/necklace - forever 21
hair bow - hive & honey

I'm still incredibly under the weather (*sniff*) but today is going to be kind of awesome. Well, as awesome as it can be when you have a 100' temperature ;p I set up a little workstation on my bed with my laptop, notebooks and pens and I'm going to just work and draw and watch The X-Files in bed all day long. Except for around lunchtime when the delivery guy usually comes, because oh my goodness the Modcloth sale order I placed yesterday is out for delivery today! Whoa! And you bet your buttons I'm going to peel off my pj's and try on pretty dresses whether I feel up to it or not! (Oh who am I kidding, I'd feel up to THAT even if I had a 120' fever! lol)

Like human like cat, Hypatia isn't feeling up to snuff either. She has a vet appointment this week because she's licking all the fur off of her back legs :( It's probably going to be another UTI, but it always seems to coincide with her fur getting too long for her to groom herself properly, so next week I'm going to have her shaved again. She always seems so much more energetic, happier and healthier when she's a naked little kitty anyway! :)