Monday, September 26, 2011

my modcloth sale loot!

Sooo I dipped into my savings a bit today. CAN YOU BLAME ME?! Oh my gosh! Most of these dresses were originally over $100! They've been sitting in my modcloth "loved items" for who knows how long... every once in a while I'd just stare at them and wish with all my heart that I had $149 to drop on a single dress. And now that I started making dresses, I'm being really weird about how much I'll spend. The total cost of materials for each of the dresses I've made so far was about $28-$35. So my new rule is that I won't spend more than $50 on a single dress. This rule came back to bite me in the behind, though, when so many of my favorites were discounted at less than that, lol!

Here's the link for the sale, and here are the links to the ones I purchased (shown above) but there are over 400 dresses (!!!!!!) and like 1,000 items altogether that are way discounted!! My mom is going to kill me when she finds out I bought myself more dresses, haha!!

1. On Cloud Divine Dress (Originally $129.99)
2. Acoustic Version Dress (Originally $52.99)
3. What's Up Buttercup Dress (Originally $129.99)
4. Blue with En-Vee Dress (Originally $149.99)
5. The Dainty Squid Dress (Originally $124.99)
6. Ode to Summer Dress (Originally $99.99)