Monday, August 13, 2012

Simple bouffant bun updo

I was fooling around with my hair the other day and remembered a style I used to wear a lot a couple years ago when I had much longer hair. My hair is pretty short now (the longest parts are just above my shoulders but I cut it myself so it's pretty [read: very] choppy and uneven) but with the help of bobby pins I managed to get it to work. :)

You can see how it looks with a lot more hair (my hair was almost halfway down my back when I took this picture) and no bangs in this super old outfit post here.

1. Pull your hair into a super duper very high ponytail and secure tightly. Since I have so many flyaways, I pinned those down at this point. 2. Roll your hair forward, and tuck the ends underneath. When I had long hair I used to secure the ends with a hair tie, and then roll them so that the massive amount of hair was easier to handle ;) 3. Insert bobby pins -- I used really large ones -- on both sides. It helps to crisscross them, so they stay secure. 4. Tug at your hair at the base of the ponytail to fan out the hair and make the hairdo tighter. 5. (Optional) I like to add more volume to the sides, so I just took a pen and loosened up the hair a little. A fishtail comb is probably better but whatever ;)

Then I always finish any hairdo with a sufficient amount of bobby pins to tame all the flyaways and split ends that stick out when I'm done. And that's it!