Saturday, August 11, 2012

look what I (sort of) made #5: bridesmaid gown restyle

Last month I found a vintage bridesmaid gown for $25. It had a high neckline, banded sleeves and the most noisy, stiff taffeta lining I've ever seen. But it also had an embroidered bodice to die for! So I got it and hoped my sewing skills were good enough to turn it into something lovely and more casual.

Last night I put my talents to the test. I took off the collar and created a new neckline with binding tape. I took off the banding on the sleeves and shortened them to just under the scalloped crochet detail for a fluttery effect. I cut out the old taffeta lining, sewed in a new white cotton one and hemmed the sheer overlay. And by golly, it worked!

I am SO happy with how this came out!! I didn't even want to go to sleep last night because it meant having to change out of my new favorite dress into pajamas ;D

Dress - vintage (from Love Saves the Day) | Shoes - ebay | Belt - vintage