Friday, November 1, 2013

princess unicorn

This is by far my favorite Halloween costume ever! I've actually been planning it since last October. If you're not familiar with The Office, Princess Unicorn is a fictional Barbie-like toy that was featured in the Season 5 Christmas episode. Her tagline is "My horn can pierce the sky." NBC made a fake website promoting the doll here, which is where I got most of my costume inspiration :)

In the episode, Princess Unicorn is the most popular toy at Christmastime so Dwight buys up a ton of the dolls and sells them at a marked up price to desperate parents who missed getting them in stores. It's only featured in the one episode but it's one of my favorite Office things (I mean come on, it involves unicorns!)

I had so much fun hunting down all the different pieces I needed to make the costume and then assembling them! The dress was an 80's vintage find on etsy and then I dyed it light pink and added the gold trim to match Princess Unicorn's. I wore a lace bodysuit underneath to add the sleeves. I was originally going to sew on star-shaped sequins as well but I just ran out of time. I'll probably sew them on anyway because I have a feeling this costume will be reused at some point in years to come :)

The only thing that I couldn't get right was the hairstyle since a ponytail is hard to do with a wig... but the website says "style her hair anyway you like, up or down" so I'm more like Princess Unicorn after someone took her out of the box and brushed her hair.

dress- vintage | unicorn horn - brooklyn owl | wig & tiara - party city
necklace - handmade | magic wand - disney world | bodysuit - boohoo