Saturday, November 16, 2013


This afternoon I'm going to see Gravity with my mom.. I'm so excited! It's not often that I'm interested in seeing new releases but this one looks so good. And I had the perfect dress for the occasion! ;D

Like 75% of my clothes and accessories are still at home and I haven't brought over any mirrors yet, so it's been a challenge getting dressed each morning. The only mirror I have is in the bathroom and it only reflects from about my shoulders-up (you can see it in this post) so I'm just winging it. If I had my whole wardrobe at arms-reach I'd probably have worn a hat to match my shoes or maybe different shoes entirely but I just have to make do until we have time to move over more stuff. At least it's coat weather so mismatching isn't a huge problem. I could probably just wear pajamas and a big coat and I'd still look okay when I go out lol :)

dress - modcloth | shoes - lulus | cardigan - old navy