Wednesday, November 20, 2013

trousers and cats

While half my dresses are still at home, somehow all of my pants made it over to my apartment, which is super useful considering I wear them like three times a year. These are actually really comfy though and I don't *totally* hate the way I look in them, like I do in most pants. I think it's mostly due to the really high waist (which you can't see here because there's a cat sweater covering it.) I've been snatching up high-waisted trousers whenever they're available because I absolutely loathe how everything seems to be super low-rise nowadays. Is anyone actually comfortable in them? Even if you say you are I probably won't believe you.

Anyway, Mr. Hubble decided to join in on the outfit post photo-taking yesterday and I was pretty excited about it. The cats are always curious when I do this but as soon as I try getting them into a picture they're having none of it. I've said it before but I swear cats can sense when you want to take their photo and deliberately try to sabotage your efforts... so anytime I get one like this it's quite the monumental day ;)

cat sweater - f21 | cardigan - c/o oasap | pants - asos | shoes - bait footwear