Monday, November 4, 2013

autumn leaves

This weekend fall finally showed up here! yay! Last week it was so hot I was considering turning on the air conditioner, but the last two days have been delightfully chilly. I think this might be the latest autumn has ever arrived... our Octobery glory tree is only now just beginning to show hints of orange and red, when it's usually completely barren by November. I love it though, because this might be the first year that my birthday (one week from tomorrow! yay!) arrives during the beautiful explosion of fall colors.

As I've been getting closer and closer to 30 I've been a little less excited about my birthdays. It's insane how when you're in your teens you just can't wait to turn 20 but then the next ten years you're like "No, life, please slow down!!" But I think now that I have my apartment and am working on getting my degree to become a teacher I feel a little less of the panic that I felt during my last few birthdays. I finally feel like my life is on track. I'm planning on traveling a lot next year, I have a very close family, a tight-knit group of friends and the most lovable cats a girl could ask for. This birthday might be the first one in about five years where I actually feel happy about where I am in life and not terrified that I'm eking closer to the cusp of real adulthood (that's what 30 is, right?) with no plans in sight.

dress - c/o oasap | boots - so old I can't remember | tights - target