Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday + 2014 calendar + Christmas cards!

Last night I stayed up until 3am finishing my 2014 calendar and it's FINALLY complete and listed in my etsy shop. Phew! This is the latest I've ever posted it and everyone in the universe probably already purchased their 2014 calendar, but I'm just happy that I actually finished. I felt so creatively stunted this year.. every single time I started drawing the illustrations for this I'd come up blank. I took my sketch pad with me every time I was in the car, I took it to Disney World, down the shore, and always came back with empty pages. Then somehow in the last week I cranked out almost every single drawing and I love how it turned out! And even though it's super late to be debuting a calendar at least I know my grandmom wants one, lol :)

The calendar is available here. I'll be listing all of the new drawings as prints later today!

I also have a 20% off black friday sale going on in my shop.

I also decided to turn the drawing for June into a Christmas card, it just seemed so warm and cozy! The greeting reads "Wishing you a storybook Christmas" and they come in packs of five cards.

And I don't usually send out Christmas cards that I design myself, but... I think I need to this year. My dad gave me the idea for this one and I love how it came out! If you're an Office fan hopefully you'll love it too ;) They're available here.