Saturday, November 2, 2013

my halloween party

Every year on Halloween I throw a costume party, and this year I had it at my apartment! A lot of the rooms are still not finished (we had to use folding lawn chairs at my dining room table) but my kitchen is functional and I have enough complete that I thought I was ready for my first little party :) I went to Michaels on Halloween morning and they had all their decorations 80% off! I got a huge removable decal kit that was $20 marked down to $4 (!!) as well as some plastic pumpkins and glittery pipe cleaner cats and spiders. I couldn't get over how cheap everything was.. I'm definitely doing my holiday decoration shopping last-minute from now on! :)

The party was a huge success. I made chicken parmesan (it's apparently the best thing I cook, based on family feedback, although I've never tasted it myself since I'm vegetarian lol) and spaghetti for dinner and tried my hand at my first soufflés for dessert! I used this recipe for pumpkin soufflé and they came out delicious! I was so excited that they cooked right since I've always heard soufflés can be tough cookies.

I really loved having my flapper doodle halloween banner up (it was the very first thing I hung up in my apartment 2 weeks ago!) I think I'm going to make a printable that includes every letter in the alphabet so you (and I!) can make custom banners for every day of the year ;)