Friday, November 8, 2013

friday favorites

I'm obsessed with these cat wall decals from emerging thoughts! I ordered a set in gold but I have a feeling I'll be back for more in other colors, too.

Modcloth is having their first sale of the gift-giving season! Over 1,000 items are marked down at least 20%, including these three pretty dresses! Watch out, wallet...

This paper mache cat head is probably the best wall decoration ever. Imagine it on a wall that's also covered in the cat head decals above. (There is no such thing as too many cats)

This is a set of gold letters so you can spell out anything you'd like, but honestly I'd probably choose the same exact sentiment. Staying in is awesome.

Best sugar bowl ever! I have a matching teapot so I think maybe I need this too..

I love the color of this lady tie!! I really need to get more colors because I get sad when I don't have one that matches my outfit. If they came in a set with every color of the rainbow I'd snatch that up in a heartbeat.

These balconies are so adorable!! I found it on pinterest linking back to tumblr (the point of no return..) does anyone know where this is?

I don't even care if Halloween is over, I want these zombie lawn flamingos.

If you haven't seen this yet, you need to watch it! Aziz Ansari gives an idea of what a marriage proposal would look like if we weren't already familiar with the concept. It's definitely the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. I ended up watching his whole Netflix special after seeing this clip (I also love him as Tom on Parks & Rec!) and it was pretty fantastic!