Thursday, October 31, 2013

sneak peek!

Most of my apartment is still a work in progress but my studio area is officially complete! I figured that I could always sleep at home while I'm getting things ready, I can still cook at the kitchen at home, but with Christmas shopping season coming up I wanted my work area to be 100% complete as soon as possible. As you can see it's incredibly similar to my studio at home. I loved it so much I didn't really want to change anything! The only big difference is the wall color (white chalkboard paint!!) and I don't have any curtains on my table... yet. I'm still undecided on whether or not to add them.

Does anyone have any fun plans for Halloween tonight? I'm throwing a little party with my family at my apartment (first party here!!) and I am SO excited about my costume!! I took photos of it already to post tomorrow and I am having the hardest time not just posting them right this second. It's my favorite costume ever :)

dress - asos | tights - h&m | shoes - asos | halloween brooch - thrifted | hat - f21