Saturday, October 5, 2013

apartments and laptops

First things first -- I got the apartment!! ahh! I was a complete nervous wreck all day yesterday waiting for them to call me. I've been feeling under the weather a bit the last couple of days and I think the anxiety might have pushed me over the edge into "actually sick" territory, but knowing I got the apartment makes up for it lol. I get to move in REALLY soon, too! I'm already planning paint colors (they said I could paint as long as I change it back to white again before I move out. yay!) and layout schemes. I'll finally be putting all these pins to good use, ha!

In non-apartment-related news, a little while ago I got to try out a sample of a caseable laptop sleeve. They're handmade cases made in Brooklyn, NY from green materials, and you get to customize them with your own images! So I uploaded one of my vintage bedding patterns that I designed for Kitschy Digitals, and I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! The design looks even better on the fabric than it did on my computer and the blue zipper matches perfectly.

It's a nice substantial case, too, so I feel like my laptop is actually protected. And it fits over my pink speck case! I've gone through three laptops in the last five years because of accidents so I feel like I need all the extra protection I can get!

If you want to try making your own case you can get 20% off with the code "brilliantpromo" You can upload any photos or patterns that you want to make it your own (how cute would it be with a giant close-up of your pet?!) -- or if you're interested in having the exact same case as me, you can get that one here! It defaults to a macbook air 11" since that's what I purchased but you can edit the size that you need in the drop down menu :)