Friday, October 18, 2013

friday favorites

I love this post from Marianne about why she loves vintage.

pink cat socks!! super cute cat dress!!

I love these galaxy print heels, and I love them even MORE after seeing this awesome post from Churrts at The Astronista explaining just what makes cosmic prints look so out of this world.

Last month there were 80 custom painted Gromit sculptures on display in the UK and then auctioned off for charity. I wish so much I could have seen this! Me and my family are big Wallace and Gromit fans! Image via Candy Pop

I want to get this sweater and embroider unicorn horns on all of the horses..

AMC has some ads and design sketches from the Sterling Cooper portfolio on their site. This and the Belle Jolie one are my favorites! I miss Mad Men!

Basically if Mindy Kaling's name is on it, I'll buy it.

Katie's Bjork swan costume is the best thing EVER.

I'm a sucker for anything with scallops.. and this one comes in two colors!! ps. my all time favorite scalloped dress is on sale at modcloth now!

I adore this greeting card from extracurricular activities! I want to get one to frame :)