Thursday, October 3, 2013

the hypatia dress - take four

This is probably my favorite way to wear any dress (a statement that is probably pretty obvious to anyone who peruses my outfit post archive) -- with a cardigan. I love that the sleeves on this cardigan are just the right length to show off the little bell at the end of the dress sleeves. I've written sleeves too much now and it's starting to get that "is that even a real word?" thing. Sleeves... sleeves...

I took all these pictures last week so you can't tell yet but I chopped off a lot of my hair yesterday! It's about chin length now! I always try to grow it out but it just never works for me. I have really thick wavy hair that knots easily (literally seconds after I comb it, it's knotty again. argh!) and every time it gets to a certain length I just lose patience and need to cut it. I tried pincurling it today and I love how it turned out! I've spent my entire life wearing it in some kind of updo but I think it might be time to try wearing it down. (Also -- cat legs peeking out behind me again! Did you spot them?)

cardigan - old navy | shoes - c/o bait footwear