Saturday, September 1, 2012

amy poehler on stress

I have oodles and oodles and oodles of things on my to-do-list today, so naturally I was procrastinating and surfing the web (do people actually say surfing the web anymore?) Somehow I ended up on the BUST magazine site, and they had a post about this new web series that Amy Poehler is doing. She takes questions from teenagers and answers them in little 2-3 minute segments on youtube.

The first one I watched was about arguing with your sister (my brother is my only sibling, but it was still incredibly relevant) and I eventually worked my way to this one, which is about stress. Particularly stress caused by having a lot to do, and feeling overwhelmed about doing it. I know that technically her advice is about homework and it's directed at girls 10+ years younger than me, but it was still incredibly helpful. And I thought if anyone else out there is having a tough time working through their to-do-list this weekend, it might give you a little boost, too! :)

ps. Can I just add that Amy Poehler is beyond awesome? Seriously.