Wednesday, September 12, 2012

yellow stripes

I got this vintage dress from Dutch Drift last winter after I'd been constantly visiting it in my etsy favorites. I just kept coming back to it... the pretty pale yellow watercolor stripes and the dainty scalloped neckline were just too good to resist!

I've been overdoing it on work a bit lately... I've hardly had any sleep in the last couple of weeks and my eyes are killing me! You know that feeling when your eyes are so sore it actually hurts to keep them open, and your brain is so tired that when your eyes focus on something you have a hard time summoning the strength to avert them? Anyway... it's all because of a super fun (yet still very secret!) project I'm working on that I will be sharing in a few weeks! *excitement!*

Dress - vintage | Cardigan - tj maxx | Shoes - UO | Brooch - Oh Yeah Cat Heads