Friday, September 28, 2012

fashions of 1965

I was flipping through a 'Teen magazine from 1965 that I got recently and came across an article called "Swing into the '65 Discotheque Look." I absolutely fell in love with the photos and the style that falls somewhere between early 60's prim and late 60's psychedelic. For instance, I love how the dress in the next photo has a real groovy print, but the figure-flattering cut and peter-pan collar still evoke a clean-cut pre-mod era. It's seriously the best of both worlds. Also can we all heave one large collective sigh over the fact that the article cites the prices for all of these pretty frocks as being no more more than $25 a piece. *sigh*

ps. If you want to download larger versions of these photos, I uploaded them to flickr here!