Friday, September 21, 2012

ballet memories

When I first put on this beautiful silk miniskirt, sweet memories of ballet class started coming back to me. I started ballet (and tap) when I was three, and kept going through high school. I think I loved the practice outfits even more than the fancy recital costumes. I used to wear my leotards and twirly ballet skirts whether I was frolicking around the house or laying on the floor doing homework.

This skirt has the same sort of feel.. it's perfect for lounging about but it also inspires spontaneous leaps and twirls as well! :) It's from She & Reverie, and their new fall/winter line is full of ballet-inspired goodness (take a peek at these scalloped bralettes. Sweetest thing ever, right?!) And they're offering 20% off with code BRILLIANT! Hurry, because the code expires in one week!

Skirt- c/o she & reverie | Top- topshop | Cardigan - f21 | Shoes - h&m | Tights - asos