Sunday, September 9, 2012


I thought it would be fun to do random posts once in a while with what I'm doing right now. I tend to write my posts in advance and schedule them, or write about things that I did yesterday/last week/last month. I love the idea of a blog as a record of your life to look back on later (sort of like a public, less embarrassing version of a diary) so it would be nice to have more tidbits of daily life in here :)

I'm currently:

+ listening to Buddy Holly
+ wearing pie-print pajamas (from Target)
+ taking photos for my mom's etsy shop
+ packing orders for my etsy shop+ waiting for my dad to get back from the grocery store (pumpkin pie!)
+ drinking hot chocolate in a Tigger mug
+ getting ready to sew more throw pillows for my bed
+ preparing a DIY project for this week (it involves cats.)
+ enjoying my weekend!

What are you up to? :)